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Marville / The Meuse

In the heart of the Meuse, Marville, a jewel of the Renaissance with an exceptional heritage...

Located in the north of the Meuse department, just 10 km from Belgium, the village of Marville is unlike any other Lorraine village. Perched on a promontory, it immediately attracts attention with its magnificent Renaissance facades, its imposing Saint-Nicolas church and its astonishing Saint-Hilaire cemetery... Magnificent witnesses to its prestigious past which invite you on a journey back in time since the Middle age.

A small town of character, Marville is home to an impressive number of listed monuments, some of which recall its rank as the 2nd city of Luxembourg in the 16th century. Many of its buildings are true jewels of this sumptuous era. Each door, each facade tells an exciting and unique story.

Moving away from Marville, history enthusiasts, nature lovers and gastronomy enthusiasts will be seduced by the treasures offered by the Meuse, ideally located between Champagne and Alsace, between Paris and Strasbourg.

Lovers of good food will not be left out. They will be able to discover local specialties such as Meuse truffles, white pudding, Verdun sugared almonds and the famous Commercy madeleines. Local markets are full of fresh produce and local specialties to savor.

You can count on our help to advise you in the discovery of our beautiful region which hides many treasures.

Verdun Memorial – Battlefield

Numerous historical sites dedicated to the First World War such as the Peace Memorial, Fort de Douaumont, the Verdun Battlefield and other cemeteries bear witness to the region's military past.

The Lorraine Regional Natural Park

On the nature side, the vast forests, green hills, picturesque valleys and banks of the Meuse offer a superb playground for lovers of outdoor activities.

Parc naturel régional de Lorraine vu du ciel

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